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once i met a few of the supernatural cast in all hell breaks loose 5 melbourne. it was awesome. see the con masterpost here!

Agents of Shield (season 1), X-Men: First Class

Supernatural (season 5)

time keeper, Allegiant

Daughter, the paper kites, sara bareilles, bon jovi, oasis, led zeppelin

requested designs for phone cases, evergrowing list of doodle requests

Accepting requests
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Citra, 18, Indonesian.
A med student trying to survive this cruel, capricious world.

I'm too emotionally involved in an interspecies love story about a hunter who's constantly angry and an angel whose eyes are too blue for his own good.

some of my online friends call me citrus like the orange because of my stupid uncommon name. i hope this explains the floating orange on my blog.

I track castihalo

I am more likely to be on Twitter rather than Tumblr, so you can follow me (@perdizzion) there if you maybe want to hear me rant about most of the shit that goes on with my life.

I occasionaly answer my asks with a few doodles, so you're welcome to ring me up anytime!

"Thanks, Cas."

"For what? I forgot to bring you an extra bee balloon, Dean. You’re not supposed to be thanking me."

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